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Chrome Boiling Water Taps

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How do I install a boiling water tap?

If you’re looking to install a boiling water tap in your home, you can find full installation instructions within a downloadable manual that’s available on each relevant product page.

Are boiling water taps safe for family homes?
Yes - our boiling water taps are designed to be safe for any type of home, as they’re insulated to ensure that they’re cool to the touch, and they feature a child safety lever for added peace of mind.
How do I select each of the water types?
If you’d like standard hot and cold water, turn the right-hand lever 40 degrees either way. For filtered cold water, pull the right-hand lever 90 degrees forward, and for instant boiling water, simply press the button and turn the left-hand lever.
How much does it cost to use a boiling water tap?
The cost of operating a boiling water tap in your home varies due to energy provider costs and usage, however in general, it can cost as little as 3p per day in the average UK household.
What is the power rating of the Filtrata 4 In 1 Boiling Water Tap?
The power rating of the Filtrata 4 In 1 Boiling Water tap is 1.5kW.
What’s the maximum water temperature of the Filtrata 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap?
The maximum boiler temperature is 100°C with a hot water flow of 98°C.
Are boiling water taps energy efficient?
Yes, the Filtrata is high in efficiency and consumes less energy than a kettle due to its low cost of operation and low energy consumption, with constant pressure and temperature maintained. 
?How does the Filtrata boiling water tap function?
The Filtrata tap functions are as follows: Standard hot and cold water - push the right-hand lever to the right and pull it towards you for hot water and push it backwards for cold water. Cold filtered water - Pull the right-hand lever towards you at 90 degrees. Boiling water - press the safety button on the left-hand lever and push the lever backwards. 
Are boiling water taps economical?
As the Filtrata costs as little as 3 pence per day to operate, it saves money in the long run. It also saves time and effort, as it is simple and quick to use, meaning you no longer need to wait for boiling water from a kettle. 
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